004 The Queen of quotes part 2

Episode 4 March 10, 2021 01:05:54
004 The Queen of quotes part 2
Self-Love is Blind
004 The Queen of quotes part 2

Mar 10 2021 | 01:05:54


Show Notes

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This is the second episode of my two part conversation with Claudette so if you haven't heard the first part I suggest going back to episode 3 called queen of quotes part 1, https://selfloveisblind.com/podcast/003-the-queen-of-quotes-part-1/

March 8th was International womans day and I wanted to highlight Catherine O'Hara's interview on the CBC podcast More with Anna Maria Tremoni. https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/catherine-ohara-has-never-had-a-plan/id1494930679?i=1000463821836

How to recognize anxiety in yourself and others https://www.anchortherapy.org/blog/2018/3/18/-anxiety-counseling-hoboken-newjersey-therapist

Me and Claudette continue our conversation about depression, the relationships in our lives and the boundaries we need to hold. Encouragement, removing negativity, suggestions for how to empower yourself and others and lots more quotes from the queen of quotes.

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