003 The Queen of quotes part 1

Episode 3 February 28, 2021 01:14:28
003 The Queen of  quotes part 1
Self-Love is Blind
003 The Queen of quotes part 1

Show Notes

Hi Friends! You’re listening to Self-Love is Blind I’m your host Jillian and I’m legally blind. Self-Love is Blind is a podcast where we discuss all things self love related, the challenges, the self doubt that can get in the way and sharing suggestions on ways to overcome those challenges. I don’t think of myself as being disabled and my friends don’t really think of me as being disabled either, everyone has challenges, some more than others.

– shout out Hadley for being my first patron, thank you!

It’s be almost two weeks now since the podcast was live and I am absolutely overwhelmed by the fantastic response I’ve received so far, thank you to everyone who reached out, subscribed, and rated the podcast on iTunes.  It is so cool to watch the number of listeners grow, and I can also see there are people listening all over the place, in Ireland, Romania and the US.  

I’m also a bit overwhelmed in general, I’m driving this bus by myself and it’s kind of like if I was actually driving a bus, I’m blind, that’s scary for everyone. I actually have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m doing it, I’m a little behind only because I just realized I was doing something manually when I didn’t need to. So, I should be able to get on track with my weekly Tuesday releases. it’s all a learning experience for me at this point. I’ve been told I sound confident, let’s just say I know how to put on a show, I’m not nearly as confident as I sound. Fake it till you make it.

Self-Love tips for the week- Music is everything, if I put on something that I know that will make me dance a little it will make me feel better. When I was in school a couple years ago and just totally drowning, I would play 3 little birds by Bob Marley on repeat. every little thing will be okay.- When I started to get anxious, I just remind myself it’s a temporary feeling.  I also had to step away from editing because I was feeling overwhelmed it was taking me so long. This actually helped because I was able to stop and think there had to be an easier way. Turns out there was and I was doing something manually that I didn’t need to

Every storm runs out of rain, there is a quote for my next guest who I’ve dubbed the queen of quotes. I know she is a super busy woman so I am grateful Claudette donated her time to have this amazing conversation with me. I swear she is like superwoman or something. I met Claudette through her son Matt who is one of my close friends. He is one of the sweetest and most considerate guys, he always offers his help to guide me if I have trouble seeing, although there may have been a time or two I’ve had to guide him in a straight line.
Another quote for the queen, Martin Luther King Jr said “Faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.” I resonate a lot with Claudette as she talks about taking leaps in life.
– We untangle some of her fascinating life story, dig into the different awakenings she’s had and talked a lot about empowering ourselves and other woman, although the reality is its valuable information for just about anyone.  
– Her job titles. She was a Municipal Councillor and Deputy Mayor, Dental assistant, Former Commissioner of Oaths at Nova Scotia Supreme Court, to name a few- some of her biggest accomplishments are her work having a council recognize Lyme disease as a priority and participation with the first Lyme conference held in Bridgewater.

– with the empowering women theme in mind for today’s episode and it is black history month I wanted to highlight a local resource that I came across recently.    

– Mentorship program for Black women in business starts during pandemic


Black excellence is all around us it’s about time everyone’s recognizing it.

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My name is Jillian Gillis the host of Self-Love is Blind podcast where we discuss all things self-love related; the challenges, the self-doubt that can get in the way, sharing suggestions on ways to overcome the obstacles and build a community that encourages one another to fall in love with their true self. The foundation of the podcast will be around me sharing my story living with a disability and other challenges that life has thrown my way. I was born with a rare eye condition that leaves me with only 10% of my eye sight, making me legally blind. you might not realize it if you met me on the street though because I see well enough that I don’t need a guide dog or a white cane to get around. you won’t find me walking into things or getting lost but there are ways that it impacts my day-to-day life and I’ll be diving into those. I will be bringing on a new guest each week to discuss their unique journey with self-love and the difficulties they have faced along the way. I have a dream guest list of over 80 people I know personally that I would love to have on the show some day. Self-love is a lifelong journey and we constantly have to work at it. Your relationship within yourself is the most important one you have, you will always be the one constant in your life so nurture and be kind to yourself. We all have that negative self-talk and we ...